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About Us

W.M. Gibson is a company founded in 2018 by a married couple, Marcus and Beca Gibson, who noticed that men's loafers were either low quality or too expensive. Even the well-established brands had compromised their quality by mass-producing their loafers to meet their profit targets. To address this problem, the Gibsons decided to create a beautiful and affordable loafer by eliminating middlemen and overhead costs.
Their idea became a reality, and the demand for their product exceeded their expectations. However, they faced a significant challenge in keeping up with the demand. Despite this, they remained committed to their humble roots and continued to write handwritten thank you notes and pack orders on their bathroom sink.

As the demand grew, the Gibsons realized they needed a partner to take their brand to the next level. Matt Davis, who had been a loyal customer for three years, joined the business as a partner to manage sales, marketing, and customer support, while Marcus continued to oversee the manufacturing and development of their product.

Today, Matt and Marcus work together to run the business. They are grateful for their customers' support and consider them as partners in their journey. The company looks forward to seeing where their customers take their Gibby’s and are committed to providing high-quality and affordable loafers.





Left to right: Zoey, Beca, Marcus, & Stella


Matt Davis and his trusty companion